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May. 19th, 2014

fst, crowned

The Journey - A Kingdom Hearts FST

I present to you and KH FST : The Journey. This is Riku, from just before he left the islands until he comes back after KH2, the amazing, confusing, stressful, heartbreaking, out-of-control journey he went on.

This is something that I have been working on for years, something finally rearranged and added and deleted to to my satisfaction. I kept getting surprised as more and more songs adding themselves. I simply had to stop, sit down with it, and get it finalized before it exploded: it's 27 songs already.

Please enjoy.

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Oct. 11th, 2013

playdate, challenges, xion


Challenge: [309] Worlds
Title: Disbelief
Notes: This is the complete opposite of what I tend to do for these drabbles, which is exposition with no dialogue. Conversation between Sora and his mother.

“So, let me see if I got this right. The reason you were missing for over a year was that you were traveling from world to world searching for Riku?”


“And before that, you spend several months searching for Kairi as well, because the world was destroyed, even if no one remembers it.”


“And in all that time, you didn’t once think to let your mother know you were still alive!?”
playdate, challenges, xion

How Can I...

Challenge: [308] Forgiveness

Title: How Can I...

Notes: Some of this is head-canon, so I might of messed up some stuff from DDD.

Riku had a theory, that he could do anything up to and including killing the King, and Mickey would still forgive him. The only thing he wasn’t sure on was harming Queen Minnie, but since he never wanted to get into that situation anyway, he didn’t think about  it. It meant that while he trusted and admired the King with all that remained of his tainted heart, Mickey was a bad person to go to when he felt guilty over what he had done. Since the King would forgive him no matter what he did, how could RIku be sure that what he had done was forgivable?

Kairi always seemed to forgive him too, and Sora. Considering he had destroyed their world, their parents, their friends, knowing that he had given Ansem control over his body and kidnapped so many of the princesses, believing he had been the reason his best friend had become a Heartless....he didn’t know how they could do it. Riku couldn’t forgive himself even the smallest of these. He didn’t deserve this, couldn’t take this. He had tried to amend by removing himself as much as he could from their lives, but they had only come and dragged him back. Now, despite all the confidence Sora had in them, he wasn’t sure he was ready to be a Keyblade Master.

There was too much he had done to destroy the Balance, and now he was supposed to become it’s protector? Light and darkness, Kingdom Hearts and Keyblade. He was barely holding on to one while the other tried to drag him down. This test was supposed to measure the strength of his heart. Riku wondered how it would judge him, and if he would be able to withstand knowing just what he was worth.

Aug. 10th, 2013

sweet, familiarity, tea

Familiarity Four


It’s always fight fight run run fight fight fight but there is a wiggly bit in the back of his head that tells him this is familiar. Not the tear-dissolve of Heartless under his fingers, but the enemies that lave no blood on clothes and waking each day in a new unfamiliar land. Stars shooting through the sky made him think of bright blocks and dark corridors and standing still for far too long. He jumped stone to stone to Heartless head but part of him saw feet splash water , dark street bright light hurry hurry can’t be left behind. Somewhere deep inside a slow sleeping part shifted, but he pushed it aside as he pushed aside the blow of a Wyvrn. There was no need for such thoughts. There was only now now where I was where I’m going, tear enemies find her find them. The darkness wafting from his skin his clothes wasn’t as important as the bright shard of light under it, broken and mending. Blinking lights distracted his eyes pulling like an endless tide reach for his hand tiny Heartless under his feet a Heartless in front of him pulling back to now too far stained glass windows and golden eyes that boy laughing at him eating ice cream on the clock tower his mind was so fragmented broken and whole and broken and broken. But then his mind cleared and it was again only fight tear jump fight fight fight a final few seconds and he felt himself falling asleep energy gone and back inside the depths of his heart.

Disclaimer:I don't own Kingdom Hearts, or any of these characters, just this unique combination of words.

Aug. 4th, 2013

playdate, challenges, xion


Challenge: [306] Defend

Title: Islands

Notes: Posted a day late, but here it is.

Kairi hated staying behind. Every time, the boys went off to save the worlds, and she got left behind on the islands. She had her own keyblade now, and even if she hadn’t destroyed the sheer numbers that they had, she could hold her own and more. She pushed herself every day out on the islands, crossing blades with the boys and aiming magic at the scarred trees they used for targets. She tore, and bleed, and worked herself into exhaustion even a Curaga wasn’t strong enough to fully dispel. She wasn’t the princess waiting to be rescued anymore. They still left in the middle of the night without her.

Sora never thought about it, past maybe being thankful that Kairi would be as safe as they could make it. He was always thinking about the next step ahead, the next heartless, the next world. His necklace swung to the beat of his heart, ba-thump ba-thump, the keyblade swinging to the dance of his feet. Donald and Goofy protecting his back, Riku fighting at his side, and Kairi was safe at home, was a home to come back to. As soon as he got rid of one more villain, as soon as the keyhole was sealed, as soon as everyone was happy, it would be enough. They would all be safe, and soon they would be back together.

Riku knew Kairi didn’t like it, didn’t understand. But someone had to stay behind to defend the islands.

Jul. 21st, 2013

hellolace, lolita

Lolita, From the Very Beginning

My journey into Lolita... all six years worth.

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Jul. 6th, 2013

playdate, challenges, xion

Staring at the Ceiling

Another kh_drabble challenge.

Challenge: [305] Rise Up

Title: Staring at the Ceiling

Notes: Set in Twilight Town.

There was something about getting up first thing in the morning that Roxas was having trouble with. He knew he was a teenager, and they weren’t known for their morning enthusiasm, but staring at the ceiling for hours until someone came to collect him wasn’t normal. Usually, someone would show up by nine or ten, but occasionally it was noon before his friends remembered he existed and threw rocks at his window. He didn’t think he saw a single sunrise in his life.

Once he remembered waking before the sun, but then he opened his eyes again and it was full day. He wasn’t sure if it was a dream. His whole life seemed like a dream. During the day, everything seemed okay. Mostly. All the weird things he had seem lately were throwing that off a bit. But during the mornings... He had tried, one morning, to roll himself out of bed, maybe catch his parents before they left for work. He had woken up two hours later, laying on the floor. He couldn’t remember his parents faces, it had been so long, but they never bothered to stay and say good morning to him.

He knew he saw sunsets. He remembered watching them, every day of his life, with his friends, with... The thought faded as he noticed it was nearing midday again. Would someone remember to come for him today, to call him out for a game of Struggle or to work on summer homework. It had been a while since school let out, but they hadn’t finished yet. That was okay, they weren’t due to come back until... Well Roxas wasn’t sure when. Olette would let him know. She should be by soon, with Hayner and Pence and...

Roxas wasn’t sure what it was about mornings, but he could never gather the motivation to rise out of bed.

Jun. 22nd, 2013

playdate, challenges, xion

Repeating Darkness

Cross posted for the latest kh_drabble challenge.

Challenge: [304] Starting Over
Title: Repeating Darkness
Notes: Based on the floating ‘game over/continue’ screen.

His heart was floating somewhere in darkness. The only faint light in all this place, the pink glow was only bright enough to illuminate the brown hair and pale face of the boy floating in midair. Sora wasn’t aware enough to know where he was, let alone what he was doing there or how to get out. He wasn’t even conscious enough to know he was ‘Sora’. All he knew was he was tired. A tired that came from fighting his all and it not being enough.

He couldn’t remember what he was fighting, or who, or why. He couldn’t remember if he had been fighting alone or side by side with his friends-allies. He couldn’t remember the last blow that had landed him here. But he did know that something he had fought his all for must be worth it. Worth this tired feeling dragging him down into the dark.

The pink, heart shaped light above him flickered. He knew, if he allowed it to go out it would all be over. No more fighting or pain or fear. He would simply sleep forever, letting his exhaustion drag him into the dark-sleep-dream. He was tempted, very tempted. He had been fighting for so long. But at the same time he knew, whatever he had been fighting for wasn’t over. He wouldn’t have fought himself into this place if he had been finished. He wasn’t sure what he was fighting for, but he had to keep trying.

Pulling up the last dregs of strength, he reached out into the dark. He twisted his heart-mind-fingers in something that lay beyond the dark. With a twist-pull he could feel it rushing past him, his strength returning. A sieve ran through his mind, erasing memories of this place, replacing them simply with the knowledge that he had to keep fighting. A battle was coming, soon, and who knew how many times this place would be able to send him back, how many times he would fight before he gave in to the dark.

The battle was about to start, and he had to be ready.

Jul. 11th, 2011


Kairi I

simple and resigned
silently i fall

Kairi loved going to the island. She went nearly every day as a child, skipping out on homework to build rafts and sandcastles in the surf. But recently, she could never find the will to go any more. There was no one waiting for her. No Riku, no adventures, no blue eyed boy only she remembered. They had always gone together the two (three) of them, staying till long after the sun sets. Now, she simply walked home, the quiet shadow to Selphie's talking.

Why could no one else remember? Why did no one else feel the emptiness left by that boy's absence? Did no one else find their feet taking them places they never knew as though by common threads? Did no one else remember that Riku had once had a friend with too large shoes and a crybaby attitude?

Each day, as she walked past the shore back and forth from school she looked out at the island, the place of childhood dreams. She had once been connected to that island. Now she was more like the shore, worn away day after day as the tide rushed against her. When where they coming back? She didn't know how much longer she could take just waiting. She needed to find them, to prove that it was just not her, that these two (one) boys (boy) had been her friend (friends).

There was something, something important she was forgetting. Something to do with Riku. They had been friends before he disappeared. They had spent long days on the island, something she couldn't do now alone. The two of them had swam and watched the changing tide pools together, had gathered coconuts and slept in the treehouse in the heat of the day. She missed the silver haired boy. Despite the year between them, they had been close friends. She thought she might even have had a crush on him at one point. There was something though, something to do with that island. The way Riku and her had gone there day after day. The waterfall, the paopu tree. The silver waves and his silver hair reflecting off the blue, blue horizon. The wind in the cloudless sky. Sky...


May. 31st, 2011

sweet, familiarity, tea

Familiarity Three


I feel a calm lay over my mind as I walked toward the door, my eyes falling closed. The light leaking out of the cracks was warm against my face and I felt an almost recognition of the warmth. It was only when I open my eyes and see Kairi over me I realize it was only the warmth of the island sun. A moment before Riku interrupts us, I feel a sense of déjà vu a knowledge that he would come upon us, as though this has happened before. The day goes on, flashes of familiarity hitting me randomly. Sparring with a fiend, sitting on a ledge together as the sun sets, being thrown a star. As night falls and we row back home, the uneasy familiarity dulls, but doesn’t go away. I smile as my mom berates me for something I forgot to do, and laugh at my dad’s antics, but remembrances keep pulling my into my thoughts. All evening I simply lay there as a creeping sense of familiarity pulls at my every thought. Something pulls at my memory, prompting me to look out the window. The sight of the storm sends me running to the docks. On the island, the air is heavy with the approaching storm. Black shapes emerge, unfamiliar but familiar in the way they emerge from the shadows. I run, dodging them, with no way to fight back. Kairi appears before me, and I sense something is wrong, even as she turns and looks at me with haunting dead eyes. Again I run, despairing to find Riku before he too is taken away from me. The relief of seeing him is upset by the foreboding the darkness in his eyes brings. i reach out, I can’t lose him, not this time, but my hand falls short and the smile as I fall is too reminiscent of heartbreaks as he fades. I fall grasping at anything, the enclosing darkness, the impossible impressions, but then I grasp something, comfortable weight in my palm. I’m back where I started, holding that something, that something of which I somehow know the name. “Keyblade.”

Disclaimer:I don't own Kingdom Hearts, or any of these characters, just this unique combination of words.

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